Save water, otherwise no one can save you.

You can live one way or die in another,
I assure you, this very world won’t bother.
You may rise up or you choose to fall,
Do what you want, people don’t care at all

Whenever they say, life is not fair,
I reply the same, “I don’t care.”
They have tried hard to make me fall,
I am still smiling, still standing tall.

Rosses in my garden blossoms fresh as new,
The petals are beautified with the drops of dew,
In the skies high, the rainbow of the birds flew,
The mind, the soul gets serenity from this very view.

The pain stayed in my body rent free,
The hurt bound my soul in the chain,
Wetness in my eyes desired the day without pain

The suffering broke my will to live,
Not just physical I felt mental strain,
Couldn’t wait for the day without pain.


One morning Eshan got a call from his old companion Sameer. Sameer asked him of his well-being and his plans of the night. Eshan asked the reason, to which Sameer told him, he and other friends are visiting the town for the day. Eshan was glad to hear that and said, “why not all of you come to my home for gathering party. It’s long term since we all have met.” Sameer said “truly miss those brilliant days. You really don’t mind the gathering at your place?

A young boy is training too hard for the race he has to participate in. Seeing him train, worries his parents that he will injure himself. His father goes to have a talk with him regarding this. The father says “Son, you are stretching your limits a little too hard, you might injure yourself.” The son replies “Dad, I don’t care if I injure myself.”

A young boy enters the home with mystified looks and is busy searching for someone. His father asks him, what is he doing. Ignoring his father, the boy continues looking for someone and shouts “where are you?”

All the blood he had bled,
All the tears he had shed,
All the days he lived in pain,
He didn’t let them go in vain.

JUDGEMENTAL: “I want you to kill me, I don’t want to live just waiting for my death.” a young beautiful girl cries in front of her doctor. The girl has been diagnosed with a terminal disease; the doctor expects her to live not more than a few months.

ABDICATION: A prince decides to renounce his throne in search of a better successor for it. He hesitantly tells this to the King, expecting the reprimand from his father he stands strong with his decision.

AN ACTION OR RESULT: Abruptly a dark circle appears in the air and a youthful lovely young lady falls from it. As soon she recovers, she yells “Grandpa, I killed the baby Hitler”. An elderly person seeing this asks her “who are you and what have you killed.” She answers “I am your Granddaughter Lilly, and I murdered the baby Hitler.”

RABBITS ARE DEAF: In the interior of Africa, there lies a wonderful village of hunter-gatherers on the banks of Nile River. The spot appears as nature kissed, encompassed by huge lavish green trees. The place is nothing short of Paradise on earth. Almost all the villagers are well versed in gathering tree-products, hunting small animals, and catching fish from the river. 

WOLF IN SHEEP’S CLOTHING:  Two angels, Michael & Gabriel, seeing down from sky argues about the true nature of Human. Michael says that humans are good at heart and it is the devil, which made them do the bad deeds, Gabriel replies “aren’t you too harsh on our brother. These humans are the ones keeping the evil alive in the world. If you don’t believe me let me show you. 

POWER OF BEING RARE:  A girl is happily counting the money, sitting at her dining table. She hears a knock on the door, she rushes to open the door and with her usual cheery self, exclaims “Dad I have arranged enough money to bid back the Mom’s ring from the auction.” Ignoring her, the man enters the house with a grim face. 

He is not the fire anyone can control, he is the unconquerable Sun,
Can cherish his shine all day long, try taming him the world will burn.
Can’t underestimate the power of dream, it can make world turn,
Let’s start with a story of a boy, who commits to what he yearn.

NO REST FOR EVIL: There was a man who was stuck with his middle-class lifestyle. He earned decent enough to fulfill his desires. He was content with his life. One day his daughter fell sick and her medical treatment costs had eaten all his savings.

DON’T FLY TOO HIGH : When the kid asks her grandmother the meaning of the quote “don’t fly too high, or your wings will melt.” She is reminded of a Greek myth of Icarus. The kid asks her to tell the story to him, and like every other grandmom she couldn’t say no to her grandson and starts the story.

THE DREAMER: “They say if you got to see a dream might as well make it big. They also say stretch your leg according to your coverlet, also don’t fly too high or your wings might melt. Whom should I hear, what should I do?” a kid asks his grandmother. Grandmother says “I think that’s too many quotes for a day.

PERSISTENCE: The phone is ringing continuously, Ramon picks it and the caller says “Hey man, where have you been, how’s you and your wife.” Ramon replies “she is dead”, after seconds of awkward silence the caller asks “oh shit! How has this happened.” Holding his tears, Ramon replies “you must have heard of COVID-19”.

SPIRITUAL MISLEARNINGS:  “Why have you killed your wife?” Karan comes to his senses hearing this, he is sitting in a police interrogation room and they are continuously pestering him with the questions. One officer says “all the evidence points towards you; you will definitely be convicted of murder.”

EGOISTIC BELIEFS: John dies of cardiac arrest goes to heaven, and meets God. God tells him he should consider himself lucky, despite committing suicide he gets to visit heaven. This baffles John as he had died of a heart attack and not suicide. He asks God why he has said that. God replies with the question “How many heart attacks have you survived?”

POWER OF PATIENCE: A person named John dies and goes to the gate of heaven, he sees people entering inside in a line, he chooses the smallest line and stands behind it. Soon he reaches the gate, gatekeeper asks him of his age. Hoping to earn some sympathy, he replies, “I died at the age of 34”.  Gatekeeper gives him a stare and says “go to that line, this one is for elders.

DEVIL’S DAY OUT: A man is walking on the side of the road, when a taxi stops beside him and the driver asks if he wants to go somewhere. He makes a funny face and replies “I am going to a mental hospital”, seeing the driver surprised, the man laughs and says “the way human lives, all should give a visit to the mental institution.”

BLENDED: A man in his mid-twenties pick the idol of God in his hand and shouts “Why do you hate me so much? I have done everything the best way, but have not achieved anything, I am still living a life like a normal loser.” After an hour or so of shouting, the man fell asleep. In his dream, he meets God, and he asks “Am I dead?”

THE AND: A teenage boy barges into his house all angered up, shouting “I don’t know what the world wants, you do so much good, but they always are fixated at a single mistake you do. I can’t deal with this anymore.” Meanwhile, his grandfather interrupts him and asks for his help. He annoyingly asks “what do you want now?”

MORALITY: “You are put on trial for abetting a suicide,” says the lawyer to the man sitting on a bench, outside the courtroom. The man ridicule by it, says “if it is so, then so be it.” The lawyer prepares him for presenting him in the court, and specifically says that “whatever happens you will not speak more than what you are asked for.” The man nods in affirmation, but he doesn’t look to agree with the lawyer.

ACCIDENTAL SUICIDE: A man receives a phone call, seeing the caller he rolls in euphoria. It is his old college friend. He picked the call and said, “Oh hi Rajni, how are you, it’s been years since we last talked.” She hesitated to say anything and then said hi Raj, it is really been a long time. Raj senses something is bothering her and asks her about it.

FRIENDS WITH DEVIL: It is a dark stormy night when some noises wake up a little girl from the sleep. She hears the voice is coming from the old cupboard kept in her room. She says “Go away, I am not afraid of you.” The voice replied, “You should be”. The girl says “I am not scared of any ghost.” The voice gets louder and angrier “I am no ghost, I am no monster, I am the head of all evil, I am the Devil.”

LEAP OF FAITH: An old man is sitting on the bench of the park, looking at the people passing by him. A young boy sits next to him. The boy has something in his hand and he keeps on looking at a girl. The old man asks, “I am noticing you from few days, you bring flower daily, but never gives it to her.”

MOST UNDERVALUED ASSET: A man, Raj, receives a phone call that his wife is kidnapped and he is required to kill someone if he wants her to live. Few seconds of this call changes everything he had planned for the future. He goes into the state of shock; he could not believe what had just happened to him. He gathers himself and tries calling his wife. She isn’t picking her phone. He dials at home but receives no reply from there as well.

JEALOUSY, A SIN?: A young boy storms into his house mumbling “I am so mad at him; Why God you make me so jealous.” Hearing this his grandfather asks him why he is mumbling in rage. The boy replies he is jealous of his friend, Jibran. Grandfather asks the boy why is he jealous, he replies “Jibran always comes first in the class and that makes me second, today I missed just by a single number.

MONEY, THE NECESSARY EVIL: Two friends, John and Mia meet after college. John tells Mia that he has an idea which will make them rich. Mostly it is the reason for their debate, as Mia lives her life as it is and John always tries hard to earn lots of money. They both have not yet proven their way of living, but each thinks that their way is a better way of living. Like always they start to argue.

A good man is passing by the forest when he sees a tree bleed.
He rubs his eyes, looks again, he bows to his God and starts to plead.
He asks his God, whether he should advance to the tree or just recede.
He doesn’t get his answer there, but he desires for tree’s pain to be freed.
He walks to the tree and asks what on this earth does the tree need.
His voice releases the ghost; The man gets confused where would it lead.

WAR AGAINST VOLCANO: Father starts the story dramatically. He says; “in the evening of 5th April 1815, just before the sunset, an explosion BOOM shook the whole island Sumbawa in Indonesia.” The imitation of the explosion startles the girl, but she is mesmerized by the storytelling skills of her father.

CAN SCAR BUT CAN’T SCARE: A man is watching news on the television, when his little daughter starts to cry. He picks her in his arms and asks her about the issue. She says she is too scared of this corona.

CORRELATION VS CAUSATION: A statistician is teaching his class about the difference between correlation and causation. He uses many jargons, and class is completely lost in them. So he gives a simple example of causation, he says “contrary to ancient belief Sun doesn’t rise because cocks cry, but it is other way around.

A PEEK INTO FUTURE: Few thousand years have passed by when human-like beings can live beneath the water. They are classified as Finman. One Finman, named Dolphin is teaching anthropology to another Finman, named Whaley. Dolphin says “do you know Homosapiens (Humans) are our ancestors.” Hearing this Whaley gets angry and taunted him “Humans may be your ancestors, not mine.

DON’T RUSH TO JUDGE: An old man is holding a meeting in his office about new ideas to run his organisation. His son has accompanied him to this meeting, the son is just learning, how to run the company. Various ideas are floated in the meeting, and the old man has not rejected any idea and asks the person floating the idea to work on it and brainstorm it with others.

APOLOGY ACCEPTED: Amidst the corona scare, a religious a young boy is praying to God, he says “Oh God I am very sorry.” He apologized for a few times, to hear a voice “but, what for my kid. You haven’t done anything wrong.” The boy says “God, I know you are angry with us.” Sarcastically God replies “Am I, last time I checked I have not heard of it.”

VANITY: Few college students are sitting in a group discussing some idiotic topics. One girl gets offended with something and shouts at her friends. One close friend tries to calm her, but she reprimanded him as well. She says what you know about being rich, look at you how poor you are. The boy joked “I know I am poor. In fact, I am so much poor that I put airplane mode even while traveling through trains.”

THE DEMON OF IGNORANCE: A group of young boys go to the old man in the hut. Some of them have their doubts about life, some want to learn new things and others just want to hear a good story. The old man is glad to see them and asks why he gets to see them. One of the boys says we hear that you are the most knowledgeable person in the whole village, we come to you for advice.

LACKING OPPORTUNITY: A man is passing by the forest. He is begging from village to village, but he doesn’t get anything. He has not eaten anything from days, he is about to get unconscious. He spots a small tree full of fruits at arm’s length. The person could not believe his eyes, he thought he is hallucinating.

DON’T KILL A BEE WITH SLEDGE HAMMER: One day a rich lad asks his father “why do you always ask me to study, we are so rich. I don’t need to work for anything.” Father is amazed to hear it and looks at his young child wondering how is he learning this. He asks him, why did he think that they are rich and he does not need to study.

INSIGNIFICANT INDIVIDUAL: Free thinking is a myth! We, Humans, are forced to believe that we are thinking freely applying all the logic and taking the right decision. But all of our thoughts are highly influenced by the narratives, we have grown, hearing. These narratives are generally classified as societal norms.

TIES THAT DON’T CATCH EYES: Two friends, Smith and Shane, meet each other after a long time. Both of them had educated together from the same esteemed university and they also had ventured into a few business startups, all of which had failed. But their friendship was still strong and happiness could be seen on their faces when they see each other.