A fisherman is traveling in the center of the ocean, when he bursts into the tears. In anguish, he shouts “Help me Lord, Oh my revered father! Why do people preach one thing and do other? If hypocrisy is such a common trait, why not any text does explicitly state.” A voice resonates back to him “Oh my Son, why are you in so much pain. You have nothing but yourself to blame. Don’t be surprised, I can explain.” Fisherman understands that the voice is of some supernatural being from the ocean, he believes the voice is to be of Ocean God. He is set aback with the thought of blaming himself for his condition.

Fisherman gathers the strength to reciprocate that he was not to be at fault, he was lied by one and all. The voice says “It is not just the human that lie, nature does it so often. But you don’t blame nature for it, you just understand the subtle difference between its lie and truth and adapt accordingly. The fisherman is dumbstruck, not being able to understand how nature cheats. The voice continues “when nature cheats you call it a mirage, you are the man of water, you have seen the reflection of sun and mountains in water, does it mean there are two Suns, or the mountain is as deep as its reflection. You understand that the reflection is just a lie.” The fisherman enquired that does it mean that he should lie too. The voice replies “It doesn’t necessarily mean that you should lie, but it certainly means that you cannot assume that everyone will speak truth always, you have to yourself differentiate between truth and lie, and if you cannot, no one but you yourself will be at fault.”

Hearing this fisherman cries “I was planning to give up my own life thinking the world is all bad. My God you have opened my eye! But who are you?” No voice returns, the fisherman doesn’t know whether he has heard the God’s voice or it was his own inner soul. Whatever it is fisherman cancels his plan to jump in the water and give his life.

Published by KUSHANK

I am a blogger and an author. I have written two books "Breaking Shackles" and "Bus Train and Flight"

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