Uncontrollable Variable

Two men were flying seated next to each other. Just when the flight was about to take off, one man was taking deep breaths. Seeing the anxiety of the man, the second man said, “don’t worry, God is there to take care of us.” The first man scoffed at that idea and looked outside the window. But he was still anxious. The second man interfered again “Do mind me asking what do you do?”, the first man replied, “Certainly not, I am a scientist.” The second man said, “I thought you to be a man of science when you laughed at the idea of God.” The scientist replied, “You are quite insightful then, what do you do?”. “I am a priest” second man replied. “And I thought you are just helping a co-passenger, but you are marketing just your God” taunted the first man.

The priest laughed and said, “You have got good humor”. “No thanks to your God” the scientist interrupted.

Priest: Why do you hate God?

Scientist: I don’t hate God, I am just a, what you people call non-believer.

Priest: Why you think too highly of yourself?

Scientist: I have made real changes in many people lives.

Priest: I can claim that too. But only God brings those changes.

Scientist: I have made medicine to cure cancer, which I have not created. If you claim so, your God has created that cancer, I have dedicated my life to cure it.

Priest: You mean to say that God has created cancer, to provide a purpose to your life. You owe your job to him then.

Scientist: I shall appreciate you for your talking skills. You can link everything to your God. Anyway, I believe there is no end to this debate.

Priest: Just one thing, if you don’t believe in The God, how would you explain things which are not clarified by your science.

Scientist: Normally you guys start with this question, and I think your God is the uncontrollable variable.

Priest: What do you mean by that?

Scientist: In science, we perform experiments, but not necessarily we get the same result every time. We attribute that to the uncontrollable variable. So, you think that we should concentrate our energy on the controllable factors, or we shall pray for uncontrollable factors to be in our favor.

And the plane landed, luckily for the scientist the debate has taken away the anxiety and he reached his destination safely.

Published by KUSHANK

I am a blogger and an author. I have written two books "Breaking Shackles" and "Bus Train and Flight"

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