Two friends, Smith and Shane, meet each other after a long time. Both of them had educated together from the same esteemed university and they also had ventured into a few business startups, all of which had failed. But their friendship was still strong and happiness could be seen on their faces when they see each other. Shane asks Smith, how had he been all those years, and then without waiting for an answer, starts like “After failing in our business ventures, I have joined a Multi-National company and now I hold a very respectable post.” He again enquires about the whereabouts of Smith. 

Smith humbly replies that he owns his own company. Shane then realize that it is Smith’s company is about to buy the MNC in which Shane works. Shane is happy, surprised and a little disappointed to hear that. With the mixed emotions, he asks how Shane has achieved all this and how the turns of events went in his favors. Again, without hearing Smith he starts like, “You were really fortunate you didn’t have any real responsibilities at that time. My wife got pregnant and I had to take the job for my family.” Smith smiles and says “Everyone has ties that don’t really catch other’s eyes.”

When ask to explain Smith says “we should not comment on anyone’s fortune without having walked a mile in their shoes.” Shane jokes that whatever Smith has said is all quantum physics to him, he hears it all but understand nothing. Smith laughs at the joke and clearly says “I have been through a lot too. You just left after two failed ventures; I have twelve failed ventures behind my success. Besides my parents were ill and needed my support back in the village, so I have worked small jobs earning pennies, but the dream of becoming an entrepreneur never died in me. I started small and big but always to fail. At the age of 44, this company has shown sign of stability, I would not call that a success, as I was barely meeting the ends, I was not able to spend time with my family and my wife had enough of me and left. But I followed my dream and in spite of not being able to meet the decent living, I managed my firm. Now it has turned big, but for years it was just a small dream I had. I am very happy now, and I compensate my family for my earlier absences, but it still hurts when someone gives credit of my hard work and persistence to my good fortune.”

Hearing all this Shane felt ashamed and apologized for his mistake, to which Smith replies “I am no physicist, but I see I have explained my quantum physics quite well to you.” To which they both laughed.

Published by KUSHANK

I am a blogger and an author. I have written two books "Breaking Shackles" and "Bus Train and Flight"

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