Lacking Opportunity

A man is passing by the forest. He is begging from village to village, but he doesn’t get anything. He has not eaten anything from days, he is about to get unconscious. He spots a small tree full of fruits at arm’s length. The person could not believe his eyes, he thought he is hallucinating. However, he moves closer to the tree and reaches for the fruit. He picks one and instantly gobbles it. The fruit is sweet as sugar, the guy feels alive again. Then he reaches for a few more fruits and eats them all. He has eaten until he is too full to take even one more. He rests under the soothing shed of the same tree for hours.
As soon he wakes up, he starts to cry blaming God for his condition. He shouts “God, why is it you give all resources to others and takes mine. How a poor will live? If an already rich man takes away all their opportuni….” He feels heavy and could not say further, tears fill his eyes. Suddenly a voice reaches his ears, “You don’t need the resources to be a wonderful person, you need to grow yourself inline with the available resources.” He is startled to hear those words, there is no one around him to say that. He confirms “Who is there, who have said that?”
The voice comes again “Don’t worry, I am just the tree under which you have slept.” The person believes he is hallucinating, but he asks “What do you mean by growing myself.” The tree says “I am tired of you people crying of how unfortunate you are, look around what you see in this forest?” The man replies, “I see many big trees, full of fruits and shadows everywhere.” The tree says “Do you realize that I am small enough to find decent sunlight within these shadows, how was I supposed to grow, but I didn’t cry, I didn’t blame the God. I just grew my roots deeper & deeper, so I could survive. And look at me now, I have not just survived, I am the tree helping people with their travel. In fact, you could not have taken fruit from any other trees here, they are just not in your reach.”
The person realize that all the words of wisdom are pure gold, the tree has raised itself without the resources and is useful to the humankind, why can’t he improve himself and help others realize it too. The person still sleeps a few nights without food, but instead of complaining he tries harder to improve himself.

Published by KUSHANK

I am a blogger and an author. I have written two books "Breaking Shackles" and "Bus Train and Flight"

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