In the interior of Africa, there lies a wonderful village of hunter-gatherers on the banks of Nile River. The spot appears as nature kissed, encompassed by huge lavish green trees. The place is nothing short of Paradise on Earth. Almost all the villagers are well versed in gathering tree-products, hunting small animals, and catching fish from the river. They live amicably like a major single family. There is one kid named Kwame, he is approaching his adulthood. He is well built with good height and weight.

Kwame is an incredible artist. He has ability to generate music from anything he gets his hands on. He is an ace at playing the flute. He can play it throughout the day. Yet, he is not regarded well in the village as he could not still learn hunting or catching fishes. He makes a decent attempt in figuring out how to chase, and he makes a brilliant trap for the bunnies. No hare once enters it, could getaway. He sets the trap and cover-up close to it for quite a long time playing his woodwind to draw in an ever-increasing number of rabbits, but hearing the sound they maintain the safe distance, and which makes him play even louder, however, it is of no use. He shouts loud “all the stupid rabbits are deaf, can’t hear my music.”

Kwame then makes the great net for catching the fishes leaving the trap set for bunnies behind. He sets his net and plays various melodies in the hope to attract the fishes towards his net. Be that as it may, every one of his endeavors goes futile. Tired by all the work he has done and disappointed by its results, he leaves the flute and sits, holding his head with both his hands. Before long he sees fishes hopping into his net. He understands that the music to his ear was simply the tune of caution for those fishes. He gathered the full heap of fishes and move back to his village through the spot he has left the trap.

 He sees that two of the fine hares are additionally caught in the there. He picks them as well and cheerfully arrives at the village. Seeing all the abundance, everyone begins to acknowledge Kwame. They cook an incredible dinner because of Kwame, and enjoy the gathering dancing on the tunes played by him. Kwame learns his lesson not to blend work and delight, and still can at present appreciate the life.

Published by KUSHANK

I am a blogger and an author. I have written two books "Breaking Shackles" and "Bus Train and Flight"

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