There was a man named Amit. He worked as a junior engineer in Central Water Works department. Amit was the man of Karma. He believed that the good comes to those who do good. He was the family man taking good care of his wife and a seven year old daughter. They all loved each other very much. He always helped all irrespective of their stature. He was greatly respected by all. He was quite happy with all his deeds and lived his life quite happily.

All was going good until one day. It was a dark night, horrendous thunderstorm was making whole city deaf. Suddenly door bell rang; sleeping Amit gathered himself off the bed and opened the door. He was aghast to find police on his door, they have come to arrest him. He was charged of corruption case. Amit didn’t realise why he was framed of this charge. He was dumbstruck by the news. Amidst the rainy night, Police took him to station. His wife and daughter were left alone at home, they cried but the thunder was so strong that their cry was deepen in sound of it.

The very next day, it was in all the newspaper and Amit became the point of office gossip. Same people who respected him started calling him corrupt, including those who he had helped. When this news reached Amit, he lost faith in all his believes. He thought that all the talks about Karma was a lie, he didn’t do anything to deserve this. He was so frustrated that he tried committing suicide. Fortunately for him, a policeman saw him and saved his life.

Few days later, Amit’s case was handed over to Sunil, a young and dynamic officer of CBI. Sunil went to see Amit, when he realized that Amit was the same person who had helped him financially for completing his graduation. Without Amit’s support Sunil would have been nothing. Sunil owed his Job to Amit. After getting the hang of situation, Sunil could not stand the sight of Amit rotting in Jail, he wanted to prove Amit’s innocence.

Within few days, Sunil submitted all the evidence in the court proving Amit was not guilty. Sunil’s argument was that Amit’s senior officials were involved in corrupt practices and Amit’s fault was just that he was too innocent to think anyone could be corrupt. Hence he innocently signed where his boss asked him to. Luckily Sunil proved that all the money has gone to Amit’s boss account and Amit got no benefit from it. Court exonerated Amit and his boss got what he deserved.

Amit’s life was getting back to normal. He realized that this was his own karma which helped him. He is again trying to continue his good deeds and become the man of Karma.

Published by KUSHANK

I am a blogger and an author. I have written two books "Breaking Shackles" and "Bus Train and Flight"

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