The mirror man

In this ugly world, there is a beautiful man, 
Surrounded by innocent men, he is complete sham 
He never stole money, he didn't commit scam
He just reflects emotion, his name is mirror man.
He smiles at every smiling face, dark or fair.
He glares harder at each and every glare.
It didn’t matter why other person smiles or stare. 
He just reflects emotions, this is all he care
No one ever notices that he is little divergent,
To learn of the emotions, he is quite hesitant. 
No one knows of his condition except his parent. 
In camouflaging his condition, he is excellent. 
He just reflects emotion, with people he blend. 
The problem starts in the chilly month of Jan,
When he meets and greets another mirror man. 
He confusingly sees the face for emotional scan, 
They both didn’t display anything other learn 
He always reflected emotion, today he doubts if he can. 
A psychiatrist identifies them as his own patient,
He ensures they get treated without use of current. 
They all work very hard to cure the ailment. 
Mirror man has always just reflected the emotions, 
After getting the requisite cure now he can fervent. 

Published by KUSHANK

I am a blogger and an author. I have written two books "Breaking Shackles" and "Bus Train and Flight"

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