It was a nice morning in late nineteenth century, when two people were presented in front of a king’s court, first person claimed that another person had stolen his belongings as he found them in the porch of the house of that man. The minister in the courtroom asked another man of what he had to say on this accusation. That man had saintly calmness on his face, with an assuring smile, he spoke, “Lord, I don’t know how his belongings have ended on my porch. I might have few theories, but can’t prove them. In my defense I can say that even he can’ t prove that I was the one who left those things there and why would I leave them outside, if I have actually stolen them?”

“Because you didn’t think, I would find them that early” shouted the first man. He added “I know you needed money yesterday, and hence you must have stolen them.” He continued, “I know you have stolen them; it is the truth and the truth need no proof.” A minister tried to act smart in front of the King, said “Yes, I have heard that too, truth needs no proof.”

“Do you really believe that, Mr. Minister” the accused man asked. Minister replied “sure, everyone here would believe it.” “But I can prove your truth to be wrong” says the man. Minister laughed at the concept, and asked the king to permit the accuse go, if he can do that. King believed in the intelligence of his ministers and agreed to the terms. King asks the accused to say what he had to say to the minister.

Man asks the minister to give an example of the universal truth, the minister without giving a thought said “The Sun rises in east.” Man asks again “You believe that it is true”. Minister without any hesitation said yes.  Man said “I was hoping you would say that, as schools teach this only” and he asks again “Do you also believe that earth rotates around the Sun.” Minister frustratingly replied “Yes! My grandfather could have doubted that but now we all know that.”

The man calmly said “I am sorry, Mr. minister but one more question I would like to ask now. Since you have said earth rotates around the Sun, you should believe that Sun never rises or sets it is the rotation of earth that creates the illusion.” The court went mute, it was pin drop silence when minister said “you could say that, I never thought of it in that way, but now I hear you say it and it makes sense.” “But your truth was the Sun rises in east, how could it be when the Sun never rises” says the man. The courtroom silence burst into the laughter and the minister was ashamed of being fooled by the poor man. King kept his word and let the man go.

Published by KUSHANK

I am a blogger and an author. I have written two books "Breaking Shackles" and "Bus Train and Flight"

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