One day a rich lad asks his father “why do you always ask me to study, we are so rich. I don’t need to work for anything.” Father is amazed to hear it and looks at his young child wondering how is he learning this. He asks him, why did he think that they are rich and he does not need to study. The boy replies “I just noticed you and other family members shifting disliking work to others and you pay them for it. We must be rich to do that and I thought someone else can also study on my behalf, I am also the part of the same family.” Father is amused and ashamed at the same time.
Thinking that it is his responsibility to set his son’s morals right, he tries talking to him. “I understand actions speak louder than words, my son! But what you are seeing and noticing is the only half a story. I employ workers not just to get the work which I dislike, but to free my time so that I can do more productive work. The work which really matters. Further, it doesn’t mean I like the work I do; I have somethings which I have to do without much liking. Remember I had to miss your birthday party because of work, you were very upset about it, I didn’t like it either, but my hands were tied with the work I do.
“But dad, I still don’t wanna study, can’t we do anything about it” says the son. “Son! No riches in the world can replace the knowledge” replies the father. Son nodded his head in refuting. Father tries to explain it to the son with an example. He says to the son “what would you choose to kill”, “a Gun or a Sword” the son instantly replies. Father points towards the bee and orders the son to kill it with the sword or the gun of his choice. Son frustratingly replies “How can I kill a bee with them.” Father explains there are things a person needs knowledge for, all the resources in the world can’t help you otherwise.
Son gets the point father is trying to make and unwillingly so go back to studying.

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I am a blogger and an author. I have written two books "Breaking Shackles" and "Bus Train and Flight"


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