He is not the fire anyone can control, he is the unconquerable Sun,
Can cherish his shine all day long, try taming him the world will burn.
Can’t underestimate the power of dream, it can make world turn,
Let’s start with a story of a boy, who commits to what he yearn.

There is a boy named James, he is a poor lad.
Quite early in his life, he lost his mom and dad.
His grandmother feeds him, she is all he ever had.
He has seen little happiness, his life is mostly sad.
He tries different things, but his luck is totally bad.
Then he find something, that made him really glad.

James wants to win a cycle race, he has made it his dream.
As he can’t afford a cycle, he starts selling ice-cream.
He improves physical fitness, he often pushes himself to an extreme.
He is in love with the track & passion run through his bloodstream.
He cut corners of his food to speed up his money-saving scheme.
He buys a beautiful bicycle which made anyone’s eyes gleam.
While working in the kitchen, Grandma hears a loud scream.

James has pushed too hard with his routine, he is in real pain.
He rushed to a hospital, the doctor ties his leg with a cane.
He still wanted to race, he was not letting his effort go in vain.
The doctor says with his condition even thinking of race is insane.
If he races he might lose his leg, forget cycling he may not walk again.
James knows he has much to lose but believes he has more to gain.

Fighting against all odds James jumps into the race.
He doesn’t care if he goes to heaven’s abode or will see Devil’s face.
With cane still tied to his leg, he could not keep apace.
After 1st round, he stands last with nothing but pain to embrace.
But something happens in 2nd round, he overtook many by God’s grace.
By the start of the last round, he still has four more cyclists to chase.
He pushes too hard, & with the bloodied leg, he finishes in the first place.
Despite all the odds he stood there to people’s amaze.
His power of dream and commitment gains many praise.

Published by KUSHANK

I am a blogger and an author. I have written two books "Breaking Shackles" and "Bus Train and Flight"

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