A prince decides to renounce his throne in search of a better successor for it. He hesitantly tells this to the King, expecting the reprimand from his father he stands strong with his decision. But the King appreciates the thoughts of the prince, King says “I am proud of you son, you selflessly thought for the betterment of the people and if you find a better successor for this throne, I would be more than happy to pass this to him.” Hearing this the prince feels very happy and excited. The king asks him how he wants to find a better successor, and what are the qualities he would deem suitable in a perfect king. The prince replies “An ideal king should be courageous, intelligent, empathetic, people friendly and a problem solver.”

The king says “I might be able to help you with your search, our army head is considered as most courageous man in this state, I think you should meet him.” Prince meets the man and returns to the king. King asks his son why is he disappointed, to which prince replies “I met the man you sent me to, at first I was aghast by his courageous glory, but then I realized he lacked almost all other attributes I would want in a king.” “Never mind son, then you should try the priest, he is considered as most intelligent man in this city” says the King.

Prince meets the priest with high hopes, but returns to the king disappointed and says “O Father! Am I wrong to search few attributes in a single man, the priest is as intelligent as one could get, but he is coward neither he cares about the people, he cannot make a good king! I would never find a successor for this throne.” King replies “the path you are walking on is undoubtedly hard, but if you want, you may take the opinion of wisest man in this country, the old man of forest. But reaching him is difficult. You might have to face many hurdles in the path.” “I would pass any hurdle, if it would help my people” the prince exclaims!

He walks for seven days in the forest, crossing rivers, fighting wild and gathering the food and he finally reaches the hut. The old man asks him what he wants, the prince tells him all his story. The old man says “I can give you the name of new king, but you might not like it” The prince says “please tell me! If it is good for people, I would be the happiest of all.” Old man gives him the letter and asks him to open after returning to the castle. He rushes to the castle and opens the letter.

Letter reads:

“My prince, I understand that you feel that King should not be selected by birth but by attributes. But I can assure you, there is no one better than you. The prince who would take this much trouble for his subject, his benevolence makes him the best choice for a king.”

The prince takes the advice of the old man and accepts the throne.


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I am a blogger and an author. I have written two books "Breaking Shackles" and "Bus Train and Flight"

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