Need Vs Desire

There is a man, named Jimmy, sweet as sugar always extending helping hand and always thinking about others. As you have guessed, he is not revered instead he is considered a fool by the people he helps. They think they fool him in helping them by saying some sugarcoated words, but little that they know, he allows them to make use of him. He is not fool to understand that people appreciate him, only when they need him and he has rare true friends.

He meets a true friend, who could not stand him being used by others and decides to confront him on this issue. He asks Jimmy how can he be happy knowing everyone uses him for their good and he has nothing to gain from them. Jimmy replies “I understand it feels good to be a desire rather than a need, but need cannot be underestimated.” When he is asked to elaborate on that, he says “I always prefer to be someone’s oxygen as compared to cake, people may enjoy and demands cake while they don’t care about oxygen they need, but that doesn’t mean in any way that oxygen is less important.

The friend scoffed at the logic and irritatingly say that he doesn’t understand how can someone be so logical and an idiot at the same time. He adds “My delusional friend, you may think that you are respected for all the helps you offer, but in reality, everyone just enjoys fooling you. And as far as your logic goes, I have many examples to show how wrong you are in your process of thinking.” When he is asked of one example he starts with the comparison among the population of chicken and the lion. He explains with the advent of the human race, the population of poultry chicken is in billions just because the human desire to eat them, they do not necessarily need them. However, they need lions to maintain the ecological balance, and just about a few thousand of lions are left in the world.

The friend again teases Jimmy with the example of cake and oxygen, when he asks “Do you even have an idea how many varieties of cakes are available? And as for oxygen, there is only one variety, polluted one. I can’t force you to make any decision, but next time you take the pain to help someone, do ask yourself whether it is worth it or not.

Jimmy humbly asks his friend what would he suggest him to do, the friend happily replies “Love yourself mate, it is the best thing to do.”

Published by KUSHANK

I am a blogger and an author. I have written two books "Breaking Shackles" and "Bus Train and Flight"

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