F for Fundamental

Two teenagers, a girl and a boy, are playing chess. The girl is smart, but arrogant. The boy is intelligent as well as humble. The mobile phone hangs and the game gets interrupted. The phone belongs to the girl, so she tries correcting it. The boy asks her, “give me, let me try”. To which she rudely denies saying “This is my phone and I can normalize it. Besides, what would you know of the phone, you have not owned one.” To this the boy smiled at her and nodded his head in dissent.

Girl: What! Why are you laughing.

Boy: Do you really think that, owning means knowing.

Girl: Yes, I own this phone and I know about it.

Boy: That could be true but not necessarily correct.

Girl: Now, what does that mean.

Boy: I can tell you but you would not understand. Let’s try it with an example. What does your father do?

Girl: Why do you think I will not understand. Do you think I am stupid?

Boy: No, I know you are smart. But you are not open to think that anyone can be as smart as you are. And answer my question.

Girl: What question! You already know my father owns a library.

Boy: So, if we draw a corollary with what you told me earlier, your father knows of all the book he owns.

Girl: He owns thousands of books; how could he know about them all.

Boy: But, just now you said owning means knowing.

Girl was embarrassed of proven wrong and gives her phone to him, phone is still hung. The boy does something on the phone and was able to save the game. Then he restarts the phone and it was just running fine. Girl notices that he has run some codes on the phone, which she could never imagine that he knows of.

Girl asks him how he knows of all this, he simply replied “Since I don’t have phone, I get to have time for learning fundamentals of it.” Girl gets his point and becomes humble towards him. Then they completed their game of chess. She wins it, but more important was the lesson she learns. She now starts to respect others.

Published by KUSHANK

I am a blogger and an author. I have written two books "Breaking Shackles" and "Bus Train and Flight"

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