Sad Santa

On the extreme end of the north pole an elf asks the Santa, why is he so sad.

Santa replies “from centuries I have seen the world; It was never this bad”.

Elfs express his dismay “But this year we have received letter more than ever”

Santa clarifies, the kids have not turned good, they just became clever.

Children write hundreds of promises, they never tend to keep.

They want their neighbor to die, while they themselves sleep.

Now they don’t even want any siblings or friends to play with.

They are so involved in their gadgets that playing outside seems like a myth.

The elf asks “Oh my dear Santa, did we do something wrong!”

The Santa replies “No No my lad, in this world the goodness does not belong.”

With the big concern, the elf run to other elves for help.

All hear him, and the concern spreads and everyone look for an elder elf.

The young elf explains “I have never seen the Santa this sad; how can we make him glad.

“don’t you worry kid; this is not the first time that his anger on the world made him mad.

He has seen many battles; time has shown him many wars” the elder elf replies.

With a sigh of relief younger elf asks the elder “How can we bring back Santa’s smiles”

Elves think of a plan, and shows Santa of all the goodness the world enjoys.

Santa is hesitant of the idea, but he kneed to the request of the young boys.

They make Santa focuses on the world and rotates his magic wand.

People still smiles at each other, humans still lend a helping hand.

Still the sing the choir, still they laugh together, still they enjoy the jazz.

The Santa smiles seeing all the happiness the world still has.

This Christmas let us make everyone happy and give our Santa a wonderful present.

Published by KUSHANK

I am a blogger and an author. I have written two books "Breaking Shackles" and "Bus Train and Flight"

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