There is a girl, Priety. She is quite sweet and pretty. She has two friends, Karan and Arjun, both of them love her. Karan was strong, Hercules like personality. He could fight the world for Priety, but he has a bad temper. He does not treat Preity that well, but she still feels safe with him. On the other hand, Arjun is a totally contrasting personality. He has never laid hands on anyone, he is afraid of the world himself, but he treats Priety like an angel. Priety stuck up with Karan for years, but after one fight, she knew it was enough and she broke up with him.

Arjun has given her the shoulder to cry. Priety know Arjun is there for her, whenever she needs her. So, she moves in a relationship with Arjun. Arjun was happy of the fact that Priety loves him back, but also afraid that Karan might put up the fight for her. And the nightmare turned true, Karan threatens to kill Arjun, if he stays with Priety. Arjun reluctantly refuses to leave Priety and Karan then invites him to fight him officially with a promise that he will leave them if he loses the fight. Arjun is hell afraid to fight, but he had no options left. He meets Priety and tells her, what arrangements are made between Karan and him.

Priety is just excited to hear it. Arjun seeing the excitement on Priety’s face confused and asked her why is she wanted them to fight.

 It isn’t that I want you two to fight, but I am happy you showed the courage to stand up with me.

Arjun: But I am afraid, I know he will kill me in this fight. That would not help us. Why are you smiling?

Priety: Have you heard of Cow and The Dog.

Arjun: no, what is that?

Priety: If a cow and a dog, get into s fight. Who do you think will win?

Arjun: What kind of question is that obviously, the cow will win.

Priety: Everyone but cow knows that. But you know what happens when the dog barks, cow wet the pants. Just like you are doing it now. With a single bark, the cow forgets how powerful she is compared to a small dog. You also have to realize that you are powerful.

Arjun: I am still skeptical, but I have to try. I love you more than myself.

And the fight begins, Karan is going to be the sure winner. He was no dog either. But after seeing Priety cheering for Arjun, Karan was a bit disheartened. He has lost half his battle there and then. In amidst the confusion, a punch landed on his face. Arjun put all his courage in that punch and it paid off. Karan landed on the floor and Arjun was declared a winner.

So, it was not about having the strength to do things, but realizing that we might be having strength much more than we can assume.

Published by KUSHANK

I am a blogger and an author. I have written two books "Breaking Shackles" and "Bus Train and Flight"

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