All the blood he had bled,All the tears he had shed,All the days he lived in pain,He didn’t let them go in vain.He let anger in his heart burn,He put all his might to run,He had faced many shame,All he had was his color to blame. Then he went to Olympics in berlin,And amazed theContinue reading “THE SYMBOL OF SPIRITS”


A prince decides to renounce his throne in search of a better successor for it. He hesitantly tells this to the King, expecting the reprimand from his father he stands strong with his decision. But the King appreciates the thoughts of the prince, King says “I am proud of you son, you selflessly thought forContinue reading “ABDICATION”


A lady in her mid-thirties wearing an elegant purple dress goes into the room and yells “what’s happening with you. Kevin! The doctor has asked you not to eat desserts and here you are gobbling on all the chocolates.” Kevin guiltlessly answers, “Mother, what am I expected to do? In the event that I don’tContinue reading “THE CRAVING”


Abruptly a dark circle appears in the air and a youthful lovely young lady falls from it. As soon she recovers, she yells “Grandpa, I killed the baby Hitler”. An elderly person seeing this asks her “who are you and what have you killed.” She answers “I am your Granddaughter Lilly, and I murdered theContinue reading “AN ACTION OR RESULT”


In the interior of Africa, there lies a wonderful village of hunter-gatherers on the banks of Nile River. The spot appears as nature kissed, encompassed by huge lavish green trees. The place is nothing short of Paradise on Earth. Almost all the villagers are well versed in gathering tree-products, hunting small animals, and catching fishContinue reading “RABBITS ARE DEAF”

Lacking Opportunity

A man is passing by the forest. He is begging from village to village, but he doesn’t get anything. He has not eaten anything from days, he is about to get unconscious. He spots a small tree full of fruits at arm’s length. The person could not believe his eyes, he thought he is hallucinating.Continue reading “Lacking Opportunity”


One day a rich lad asks his father “why do you always ask me to study, we are so rich. I don’t need to work for anything.” Father is amazed to hear it and looks at his young child wondering how is he learning this. He asks him, why did he think that they areContinue reading “DON’T KILL A BEE WITH SLEDGE HAMMER”


Free thinking is a myth! We, Humans, are forced to believe that we are thinking freely applying all the logic and taking the right decision. But all of our thoughts are highly influenced by the narratives, we have grown, hearing. These narratives are generally classified as societal norms. These norms are generally created to giveContinue reading “INSIGNIFICANT INDIVIDUAL”


Two friends, Smith and Shane, meet each other after a long time. Both of them had educated together from the same esteemed university and they also had ventured into a few business startups, all of which had failed. But their friendship was still strong and happiness could be seen on their faces when they seeContinue reading “TIES THAT DON’T CATCH EYES”