A lady in her mid-thirties wearing an elegant purple dress goes into the room and yells “what’s happening with you. Kevin! The doctor has asked you not to eat desserts and here you are gobbling on all the chocolates.” Kevin guiltlessly answers, “Mother, what am I expected to do? In the event that I don’t eat it, they will expire soon and all the money spent on them will go waste.” The woman laughs at his reaction and calmly has a go at clarifying him that they don’t generally utilize all the money they spend and it is as yet worth spending.

Kevin disagrees with her Mom and says to her that she is simply making it up to refute him. The mother attempts to account for herself, however, Kevin just requests for the example. The woman could simply consider the protection charge she pays and says to Kevin “consistently we pay protection premium to defend our home from fire and robbery, yet we never need to confront fire or welcome a thief in the house, isn’t that right?” 

Kevin says “alright Mom, I agree that few costs are made not to utilize them, yet it doesn’t mean that all expenses are treated as such.” Mother answers “for sure it isn’t yet you eating chocolate doesn’t legitimize its worth, on contrary it may cost us more if we need to get your treatment, so don’t simply justify you falling for your cravings with any stupid excuse.” 

Kevin apologizes to his mother and guarantees her that he will take the very best care of himself.

Published by KUSHANK

I am a blogger and an author. I have written two books "Breaking Shackles" and "Bus Train and Flight"

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