On this closing day of World Folk Tales & Fables week, I would like to share the Aesop Fable which I liked the most. A calf asks his mother, “Mom! you are so big, and powerful compared to a dog, you can beat a dog in any fight. Then why are you still scared ofContinue reading “FAVORITE FABLE”


Not too far in a future, in the Central London, a person is crawling slowly in the sand. Another person looking everything through the television turns to his wife and said, “poor fellow is dying, but he can’t even afford a sip of water.” He further adds, “look at the irony, he is dying ofContinue reading “WORLD WATER DAY”


Whenever they say, life is not fair,I reply the same, “I don’t care.”They have tried hard to make me fall,I am still smiling, still standing tall. Whenever they shout, don’t you dare,I reply the same, “I don’t care.”The ache keeps on increasing my sense of unease.But the torment could never bend my will on knees.Continue reading “I DONT CARE”


I can feel the fragrance of chocolates in the air,The flowers blossoms, spreads the beauty everywhere.The month is synonym with lots of love and care,Be it human or birds, you see them flying in pair. Rosses in my garden blossoms fresh as new,The petals are beautified with the drops of dew,In the skies high, theContinue reading “EVERYTHING WILL BE OKAY”


A young boy is training too hard for the race he has to participate in. Seeing him train, worries his parents that he will injure himself. His father goes to have a talk with him regarding this. The father says “Son, you are stretching your limits a little too hard, you might injure yourself.” TheContinue reading “MIDPATH CONNUNDRUM”


“I want you to kill me, I don’t want to live just waiting for my death.” a young beautiful girl cries in front of her doctor. The girl has been diagnosed with a terminal disease; the doctor expects her to live not more than a few months. The old calm doctor says to her, “EuthanasiaContinue reading “JUDGEMENTAL”


A prince decides to renounce his throne in search of a better successor for it. He hesitantly tells this to the King, expecting the reprimand from his father he stands strong with his decision. But the King appreciates the thoughts of the prince, King says “I am proud of you son, you selflessly thought forContinue reading “ABDICATION”


A lady in her mid-thirties wearing an elegant purple dress goes into the room and yells “what’s happening with you. Kevin! The doctor has asked you not to eat desserts and here you are gobbling on all the chocolates.” Kevin guiltlessly answers, “Mother, what am I expected to do? In the event that I don’tContinue reading “THE CRAVING”


Abruptly a dark circle appears in the air and a youthful lovely young lady falls from it. As soon she recovers, she yells “Grandpa, I killed the baby Hitler”. An elderly person seeing this asks her “who are you and what have you killed.” She answers “I am your Granddaughter Lilly, and I murdered theContinue reading “AN ACTION OR RESULT”