The phone is ringing continuously, Ramon picks it and the caller says “Hey man, where have you been, how’s you and your wife.” Ramon replies “she is dead”, after seconds of awkward silence the caller asks “oh shit! How has this happened.” Holding his tears, Ramon replies “you must have heard of COVID-19”. The callerContinue reading “PERSISTENCE”

War Against Volcano

This is in continuation of the story “Can scar but can’t scare”. If you have not read that story you can do so by clicking on the following link, or you can choose to ignore, as I have tried making this story independent of the previous one. Early in the morning, the girl runsContinue reading “War Against Volcano”


A man is watching the news on the television when his little daughter starts to cry. He picks her in his arms and asks her about the issue. She says she is too scared of this corona. Quite pessimistically she replies “We all are going to die.” The man asks her why she thinks that.Continue reading “CAN SCAR BUT CAN’T SCARE”