A man is watching the news on the television when his little daughter starts to cry. He picks her in his arms and asks her about the issue. She says she is too scared of this corona. Quite pessimistically she replies “We all are going to die.” The man asks her why she thinks that. She quotes the news “More than 200 thousand people have died and around three million have contracted the virus.” Hearing this father is sure that it cannot be her own words and she just copied it from the TV. So before comforting her, father switched off the news. The girl still continues to cry.

The man hugs her girl tighter and says “we are not going to die.” The girl asks him how he knows all that. He replies he is bigger; to that little girl, it means the same thing as being omniscient. The girl asks then what will happen. The man says “all I know is the Human always wins, it had won 100 years back and 200 years back.” The girl asks “what had happened then.”  Father explains the Spanish flu to her. He says “100 years back the deadliest pandemic had ever occurred, it had infected the third of the world’s population and took around 40 million lives. Within just a year or two of the start of the pandemic, it came to end, as people who were infected either died or developed an immunity.” The girl exclaims in happiness “yeah! We had beaten Spanish flu.”  Father said “Yes and we didn’t need any missiles to end this enemy, it was our own immunity which had beaten it. In fact, even after the deadliest plaque humans have faced many microorganisms attacks, Asian Flu of 1957, Hong Kong flu of 1968, Russian Flu of 1977, SARS 2002, Ebola outbreak, and Swine Flu 2009, were few amongst the many pandemics faced by humans. Not even single of them could break the spirit of humans. We have always believed we are the superior beings and we have proved that time and again.

The little girl is overwhelmed by all the heavy names, but it is clear to her little brain that her father is really omniscient. And the winning of Humans over pandemics is a common scenario and she is not afraid of losing to COVID-19 anymore.  She learns the fact that Humans are invincible for now, they may be faced with any challenges, but collectively they will overcome every one of them. Covid-19 can scar humans but it can’t scare their spirit away. Father also learns something that the pessimism of the news is not necessarily good for a child and she earns herself a cartoon viewing right instead of watching the news.

Meanwhile, the girl asks his father that he has mentioned another challenge which human have overcome 200 years back, what was that. Father says to her daughter, it is about volcanic eruption of Mount Tambora and a year without summer. But since it is getting late, she has to sleep and the story will be continued some other time.

Published by KUSHANK

I am a blogger and an author. I have written two books "Breaking Shackles" and "Bus Train and Flight"

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