The phone is ringing continuously, Ramon picks it and the caller says “Hey man, where have you been, how’s you and your wife.” Ramon replies “she is dead”, after seconds of awkward silence the caller asks “oh shit! How has this happened.” Holding his tears, Ramon replies “you must have heard of COVID-19”. The caller says, “how come anyone has not heard of it, the number of deaths are swelling at unbelievable pace.” Ramon interrupts “Number! Those were just numbers until it happens in the family. I have lost everything due to it.” The caller asks, “that’s terrible, what would you do now? Take care man.”

The question has a huge impact on Ramon, he feels helpless and wants to do at least something. He is filled with love, grief, or guilt, as he is the reason, she got COVID-19 positive. He plans to bring her back from the land of the dead. He prays to God to help him achieve his thought, he prays and prays without break, even the GOD gave to his persistence and appears before him. He asks God to bring her back, GOD says “I can’t undead the dead.” “Then send me to her” requests Ramon.  “If you love her that much, I can provide you the map to reach her. But I shall beware you it is a tough route.” says God and provide him the instructions.

Ramon follows the instructions, it is the path no mortal has ever traveled, he passes through the dense forests, unsettled by the roar of the lions, he moves forward, he sees aboriginals who stop him and warns to kill him, but hearing his story and understanding that he is doing it for his love, they let him go. He has passed through the most difficult terrain, the hot desert followed by cold tundra, and at last, he needs to cross the tallest of the mountain. He is all torn and tired, he thinks that God has played a trick on him, if he climbs this mountain, he will certainly die. But with the faith in his heart, and with the thought that even if he meets his wife by his death, he would do it.

Ramon starts to climb the mountain, but just before he reaches the zenith he faints and falls few steps back, on regaining consciousness, he crawls further. With just a few breaths remaining he reaches the top and tumbles towards the other side. The next thing he remembers is lying in the beautiful lush green park and in front of his eyes is his loving wife. He hugs her and starts living happily thereafter.

Published by KUSHANK

I am a blogger and an author. I have written two books "Breaking Shackles" and "Bus Train and Flight"

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