War Against Volcano

This is in continuation of the story “Can scar but can’t scare”. If you have not read that story you can do so by clicking on the following link, or you can choose to ignore, as I have tried making this story independent of the previous one.


Early in the morning, the girl runs to her father and wishes him good morning. The father picks her up in the arms and kisses her on the forehead. The girl reminds him to tell her the story of the fight humans won against nature around 200 years back. Father starts the story dramatically. He says; “in the evening of 5th April 1815, just before the sunset, an explosion BOOM shook the whole island Sumbawa in Indonesia.” The imitation of the explosion startles the girl, but she is mesmerized by the storytelling skills of her father.

The man continues with the story, “The explosion was so powerful, that it was heard even 1000 miles away. Some thought it was a cannon firing, others believed it was heavy guns, but soon they realized it was the volcanic eruption, which would go down in the records of history. 5th April was not the sole scenario, the eruption occurred again 5 days later, it was even bigger, and many times again in the next four months. The point of the eruption was Mount Tambora, the highest peak in the region. It erupted ashes and aerosols covering the whole of the sky with a dense layer. It was so dense that even sun rays couldn’t penetrate it.”

The man lowers his voice and says “It was by far the deadliest eruption in the recorded history. Nearby areas were all covered with lava, killing everyone meeting with it. But the places hundreds of miles away were also not safe, as the heavy particles fell and were enough to collapse the roofs. Even the Indian ocean was not spared, a thick layer of ash floated on its surface. It had killed many people, but the pain was not yet over.” Hearing this, the girl has tears in her eyes.

The father sees her and tries cheering her up, speaks up heroically “So what if we have lost few of our men in the battle, but what matters is we ultimately won the war against that volcano.” He continues “Volcano had not just impacted Indonesia and nearby areas, but the lighter particles spread to the whole world. It reduced a 3-degree temperature in the whole world. Crops were destroyed either by frost or lack of sunshine. This caused starvation and plague, many perished but others survived, and those who survived become stronger.”

The father starts with another part of the story, “Since horse transportation became expensive, humans found an alternative and invented bicycles. People couldn’t go out in gloomy weather, they stayed home and produced best of literary work. For the fact, world renowned novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelly was written during that time.” He looks at her girl and says “Human won that war and became stronger. Similarly, we will win this war against Corona and emerge stronger than ever.” Satisfied with the ending of the story, the girl hugs her father with content.

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