“They say if you got to see a dream might as well make it big. They also say stretch your leg according to your coverlet, also don’t fly too high or your wings might melt. Whom should I hear, what should I do?” a kid asks his grandmother. Grandmother says “I think that’s too many quotes for a day. But I believe they want to say is be optimistic and at the same time realistic.” Kid asks again “Grandma! You just played with the words, what does that even mean.” Grandmother chuckles at the smartness of the kid and replies “If you ask me, I would say see a dream as big as possible, and work hard to achieve them, but your actions should be such that they should not defy the laws of the nation nor the laws of nature.”

The kid gets more confused by those words, seeing him in a dilemma old lady says “Let me explain this with an example.” Hearing this kid exclaimed in relief “That will be wonderful.” Grandmother asks him “What is the biggest dream you can think of?” The kid replies “I have a big dream, but first promise me that you would not laugh at it.” Grandmother promises him that he can confide in her with anything, she further adds “If you think that people will laugh on your dream, you should pursue that dream even harder.” Kid tells her the dream “I want to buy an island, whole for myself.” Grandmother hides her chuckle and continues with her example, “Then assume you work to buy that island, you need so much money for that. But if you could not arrange that much money, you should not resort to illegal means for gaining that money, even if you get a chance to rob a bank you should not do that. So, your action should not defy any law.”

“Still I don’t understand, what I am required to do” says the kid. Grandmother replies “that’s sufficient for today, life itself will teach you what you ought to know.” She adds “But if you really ask for my advice, don’t live life by reading quotes of others, create your own quotes.” The kid is too small to take this advice and with all his innocence he asks, but why the wings melt on flying too high. Grandmother smiles on the question and says “your question is not just from a proverb, but it is a whole story of Icarius from Greek mythology. But that’s for the next time.” Kid disappointed by the reply has no option but to wait for it. He is eager about it, are we?

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I am a blogger and an author. I have written two books "Breaking Shackles" and "Bus Train and Flight"

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