“Why have you killed your wife?” Karan comes to his senses hearing this, he is sitting in a police interrogation room and they are continuously pestering him with the questions. One officer says “all the evidence points towards you; you will definitely be convicted of murder.” Another officer plays a good card and says “we have learned that you have always been a good Samaritan, people don’t believe you can do such crime, we want to know what you want to say.” Karan replies “what is to say, I have killed my wife.” After seconds of silence, the officer asks again “but why?”

Karan says that in his teenage, he was always angry and fighting with everyone, he was told teenage is a tough time for everyone as they are changing physically and emotionally. But Karan was different, he had some added issues, he was attracted to same-sex. This sexual orientation confuses him and angers him even more. When he came to terms with it, he informs his parents about it. His parents were God-fearing people, they enrolled Karan for a spiritual learning program. In the program, Karan was repeatedly taught that, if someone goes against the laws of nature. God punishes them and makes them eunuch.

The fear instigated by those spiritual mislearning remains with Karan and he goes against his own nature and lived his life, he got married to another God-fearing creature. But Karan could never give her the love she deserved, although he always respected her. One day for some petty issue their fight broke off it was guilt or anger, which make Karan aggressive and he did undoable. It was because of spiritual mislearning, Karan hid his real self for years and this has caused the outburst which resulted in the murder of an innocent girl.

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I am a blogger and an author. I have written two books "Breaking Shackles" and "Bus Train and Flight"

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