A good man is passing by the forest when he sees a tree bleed.
He rubs his eyes, looks again, he bows to his God and starts to plead.
He asks his God, whether he should advance to the tree or just recede.
He doesn’t get his answer there, but he desires for tree’s pain to be freed.
He walks to the tree and asks what on this earth does the tree need.
His voice releases the ghost; The man gets confused where would it lead.
The ghost says he was a simple man who was killed by the people’s greed.
Now he will kill every such man who had ever done a bad deed.

The innocent man asks the ghost, what a man has done, how would he tell.
The ghost laughs and says I am a ghost I can see the truth and the lies I can smell.
Nervous man apologizes and says but I always for everyone just wish well.
Ghost shouts “how can it be, there must be a sin or two for which you must fell?”
“I have told you and I say only the truth, ghost of the tree!” The person yell.
He adds “You can rest in peace; people’s greed had made this heaven a hell”

“What do you mean” the ghost asks the man, looks at him with a blank stare.
He says “humans use all of the resources and leave nothing for their heir.
Man is no innocent; they kill their kind with a toxin produced by burning air.
They pollute water, and for the rare beautiful forests, they don’t even care.
You want to kill me, but the thought of dying doesn’t give me a little scare.
It’s the thought of living in this world among heartless people is a real dare.”

The ghost believes each and every word spoken by that poor thing.
He wishes well for him, but there is no happiness he can bring.
He left the man alone with the burden of his pain and suffering.
The man promises to save mankind, he has a mission to cling.
They both bid adieu, and the ghost left his agony with everything.

Published by KUSHANK

I am a blogger and an author. I have written two books "Breaking Shackles" and "Bus Train and Flight"

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