Two angels, Michael & Gabriel, seeing down from sky argues about the true nature of Human. Michael says that humans are good at heart and it is the devil, which made them do the bad deeds, Gabriel replies “aren’t you too harsh on our brother. These humans are the ones keeping the evil alive in the world. If you don’t believe me let me show you how all these humans are just wolf in sheep’s clothing.” Michael disagrees with Gabriel but is definitely curious to see what Gabriel is going to show him.

In a secluded place, whenever a lone traveler passes by an abandoned building, Gabriel puts it on fire and keeps an infant amidst it. To make the decision challenging a pot of gold is kept just beside the building. So that the person sees the child and the pot almost at the same time. One person passes by the building, seeing the situation, he chooses the gold and thinking that someone would catch him red-handed, he ran away without a thought about the child.

Another man passes by, he is well dressed and looked content with his life. Michael smiles and says that this man will definitely save the child, he doesn’t look in need of gold. Gabriel says let’s see what he chooses. The man also chooses gold and left the kid behind in the middle of fire. Michael got angry with that man, but he still defends humans and says maybe they are too afraid of fire to step in and save the child. Gabriel says “I am never expecting them to walk in there, but at least they could call for fire tender, or any other help. But they are overdriven by their greed. You see all of them are just wolf in sheep’s clothing. I will do this just one more time and hope this will be sufficient for you to agree with me.”

Another man passes by, and all this is repeated again. This time it is the beggar, even Michael has no hopes from him, he says “Don’t waste time on it, Gabriel, he looks like the one who is definitely in need of the gold. I accept you are right that Humans are evil, whenever no one is looking at them, they choose themselves over others.” Gabriel replies “If you say so, help me extinguish the fire.” As they are about to, they see the beggar trying to enter the building, “the fire is real, so will be the burning” says the amazed Gabriel. Michael asks “Why is he doing it?” The man fighting the fire reaches the child. He picks him up and enduring all the burning he brings the child out of the fire. 

He sees that the child is unharmed and fell on the pot of gold, Michael says “Oh! That’s why he didn’t call for help, he wanted to take the gold for himself, but at least he saved the child.” The man picks the kid up and rushed to the nearest hospital, without even looking at the gold again. With the tears in eyes, Gabriel says “I was wrong Michael, not all humans are bad.” Michael replies “but I was not right either, I judged humans by their looks and was not ready to accept that this man could be good.”

Michael adds “You said that all the humans are wolves in sheep’s clothing, but I think we found the sheep in wolf’s clothing.

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I am a blogger and an author. I have written two books "Breaking Shackles" and "Bus Train and Flight"


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