A girl is happily counting the money, sitting at her dining table. She hears a knock on the door, she rushes to open the door and with her usual cheery self, exclaims “Dad I have arranged enough money to bid back the Mom’s ring from the auction.” Ignoring her, the man enters the house with a grim face. She asks “Didn’t you hear me Dad, I have the money to buy back the ring, which you so badly want. Why are you not happy about it?”

“The Collector is bidding for it too; we will not have a chance to compete” replies the man. He continues “whenever the Collector eyes on something, he will bid any price to get it.” The girl says “I didn’t realize that the ring was so valuable for a stranger.” “Actually, it is not, it is just a rough-cut diamond ring, which passes down our family from generation to generation. But for treating your Mom’s illness, we have lent it, but was unable to pay for it and now it is put up for auction.” replies the man. The girl asks the reason why the Collector wants the ring. “Because it’s rare,” says the man.

“Why does rarity have such power over men? Why do people yearn for something that is rare?” asks the girl. “Everyone has their own reason, for few, it is just their avarice, for others, it is the symbol of prestige, and for rest, it could just be a hobby” replies the man. “I may talk to the Collector and tell him about our situation, he might understand and help us” adds the man. The girl says “If that doesn’t work, we might not be left with any other option. So, let’s just keep that on hold and let me try to do my thing.”

 The next morning when the auction is about to begin, the girl goes to the Collector and greets him. He proudly says “I heard you are bidding for it, you don’t stand a chance in front of me.” The girl innocently says, “I know sir, you are the best bidder in the whole town. But I am here to just find out the price, so I could sell mine ring as well” and she pulls a similar ring from her pocket. Seeing this the Collector is set aback, he asks how did she get that ring. She replies “this is my family ring, and it is made for all the women in the family, we had eight of it, one is on auction today, seven rings are with us, if you are interested, I can sell you a few of them.”

Hearing this the Collector lost all its interest in it and left in a hurry, soon everyone at the auction also hears about it. The auction begins and no real enthusiasm is there to quote for the bid. When the girl places her bid, everyone thought that she is just jacking up the price and let her win it back, at the basic rate. She returns the ring to his father; he asks her how did she get another ring. She replies “I just forged it and used the story to destroy the rarity of the ring. So, the power of being rare was lost and no one was interested in just another piece of jewelry.” They both cherish the moment happily.

Published by KUSHANK

I am a blogger and an author. I have written two books "Breaking Shackles" and "Bus Train and Flight"

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