There was a man who was stuck with his middle-class lifestyle. He earned decent enough to fulfill his desires. He was content with his life. One day his daughter fell sick and her medical treatment costs had eaten all his savings. One day he was assigned to handle the treasury of the organization, he knew that the boss does not keep a perfect record of the treasury and few thousands less would not even be noticed. He wanted to take some money for his family, but he was highly respected in his office and was afraid of anyone knowing about his theft.

But, when the cost of his daughter’s treatment increased, he felt he had no choice but to steal some money from his company. He did steal some money and paid for his daughter’s treatment. His daughter’s condition improved and they started living their life normally again. However, whenever he goes to the office, he was ashamed of his act and was afraid that someone would find out about his deeds. But no one ever noticed, and days passed by and he forgot about it.

Few days later, he wanted to buy an LED TV for his family and he stole some more. This continued for some more time, on the premises of child education, wives present, birthday party etc. He started living lavishly then what he could afford from his salary. With each theft, he was getting more and more confident with it and started stealing more and more. One day a coworker got a hint of it and tried to talk him out of it. He got afraid of it and got overly defensive. He got into an argument with his co-worker. He didn’t realize when he lost his temper and killed his coworker. With his coworkers dying breath, he returned to his senses and realized his mistake.  He now had to cover up this mistake as well. He got rid of the body and acted as nothing had happened.

For a few days he kept his low profile, unable to undo what he did. He was full of guilt, whenever he was asked of his coworker, he had to lie. No one suspected him of anything, but after living a lavish life, he was unable to leave it. His evil was not ready to rest. He tried stealing, and amidst the investigation to find his coworker, it was the foolish thing to do. He was arrested for stealing and soon it was found out that he killed his coworker. Now, he is bound to spend his rest of life in prison and his family is too ashamed of him.

Published by KUSHANK

I am a blogger and an author. I have written two books "Breaking Shackles" and "Bus Train and Flight"

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