John dies of cardiac arrest goes to heaven, and meets God. God tells him he should consider himself lucky, despite committing suicide he gets to visit heaven. This baffles John as he had died of a heart attack and not suicide. He asks God why he has said that. God replies with the question “How many heart attacks have you survived?”

John: Three I guess, this was fourth, which has caused my death.

God: And for how many years have you known for this condition.

John: For the past four years I have this heart condition, otherwise I am fit.

God (Scoffing): And you say, you have not committed suicide. (Seeing John’s face) Don’t be so confused Son. The first heart attack was just a warning that if you don’t take care of yourself you will die sooner. But you ignored it. The second was a harsher warning, and the third was final. But you didn’t change your lifestyle. You killed yourself, what else should we call it, if not suicide.

John: What am I supposed to do, people were dependent on me. How come I disappoint them.

God: That was not the people but your ego, which creates those expectations to make you feel that you are important. All those people are still living, some of them more happily, after your death. I have given you so much time to introspect, but you didn’t even for a minute thought how your importance has gone vain. Where are those expectations now? These are just imaginary beliefs which our ego creates to make oneself important. You were just a small part of another person’s life.

John(interrupts): I disagree, I was very important to my family. They must have cried after my death.

God: They have cried, and still lament sometimes your loss. But you are just like a broken toy. A kid cries, whenever his toy gets broken, but would it affect the growth of that kid. He feels sad for a few days and then replaces that with another, that’s life john, everyone has their own.

John: Ok, accepted that I have neglected my health a few times, but that doesn’t count as killing myself.

God: you humans make me laugh, few times! What about every day. You were partying like that was your last day, but you take the stress of work like you will live forever. You were no exception John, everyone is doing the same. If they don’t change you will see them soon enough.

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