Devil’s Day Out

A man is walking on the side of the road, when a taxi stops beside him and the driver asks if he wants to go somewhere. He makes a funny face and replies “I am going to a mental hospital”, seeing the driver surprised, the man laughs and says “the way human lives, all should give a visit to the mental institution.” The driver commits a mistake when he asks the man to elaborate. The man replies 
“Every word coming out of my mouth is truth, don’t mistake it for a lie.
Humans don’t know why they live or what would they do if they die.”

Driver:  I disagree with every word you said, some of us still dream, and to fulfill it we are not afraid.
 Oh, if that is so, would you tell me about your dream, you mean it or you just blaspheme.
Driver: I don’t know, why am I wasting time with you. But if you wish, what if my dream is earning money.
Man: Then I would hate for your bubble to blew. I say it is your greed speaking, not your soul honey.
Driver: Even if I agree with you on this, what would you say, if I say all I wish for is to have fame.
Man: I may suggest that now you have given voice to your ego. Otherwise, what’s in the name.
Driver: Then I would say that my dream is to help others, make everyone’s life better.
Man: You got me there, but I would still ask why the people of this the world need your help.
Driver: Cause this is not a perfect world my man.
Man: I may ask why; it wasn’t like that when it began.
Driver: what you want to hear, it is all devil’s fault.
Man(sarcastically): Never saw that coming, humans blaming me for their misdeed is something new!
Driver: you mean you are the devil! You truly need psychiatric attention. Shall I call someone, your Mum or Dad?
Man: You have a phone number of God! Or you just think I am mad.
Driver: Let’s play this game with you, let’s imagine you are devil, how is evil not your fault.
Man: If we go by your mythological books, I am the one to lure humans to do evil. I lure them away from the teachings of your God. But just tell me, are Humans that stupid, they can be persuaded to do anything if they don’t wish it. And the same books say it is I who punish them when they reach Hell after committing a crime. Isn’t it a little contradictory? I set a trap for humans to betray their beloved God, and when they do so, I punish them. Why would I be doing both things.

Driver has no clue, what to do. He wants to run away, but before he starts his car again, he notices that the man is already gone. A shiver ran through the driver’s body, he drives his taxi as fast as he could away from that place.

Published by KUSHANK

I am a blogger and an author. I have written two books "Breaking Shackles" and "Bus Train and Flight"

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