A man in his mid-twenties pick the idol of God in his hand and shouts “Why do you hate me so much? I have done everything the best way, but have not achieved anything, I am still living a life like a normal loser.” After an hour or so of shouting, the man fell asleep. In his dream, he meets God, and he asks “Am I dead?” God replies “Certainly not my son, but I just want to ask why are you so upset on me.”  The man asks “I am talented as well as hard-working, but I have not achieved anything good in my life, have you written my destiny with cactus?”

God says “Why do you think that your destiny has anything to do with your condition; whatever you are is decided by your actions.” “Oh Actions!” the man exclaims “If that is so, will you explain where my hard work has gone and why have I not achieved anything yet.” The God asks “Son, why don’t you elaborate more about the work, you are crying about” The man replies “I have completed my schooling with top grades, I have worked hard for that, never played outside while all my friends were playing.” The god replies “You got its results, you got good grades throughout your schooling, and that is why you studied hard. Where is the discontent in it?”

“Again, I studied hard to get admission in best engineering college which everyone was eyeing, I had to work hard to get in there” the man replies. The God says “Till now I am seeing a fortunate kid who got what he worked for, and you are blaming destiny!!!” The man irritatingly said “but then, after working for two years, I did MBA from the best college of the world, it wasn’t easy but I did give my best and in fact, topped the class, but when it came to placement, this coronavirus scare has left me with no option. No new hiring is going on. If that’s not destiny’s fault, I don’t know what is.”

God replies “You are acting as if you are the only one in the world affected by it, the whole world is worse off because of this situation.” The man asks “but why should I be like others, with all the talent I have got and all the hard work I have put.” The God asks “Do you want to stand out?”, the man replies “why not, I deserve that.” The God says “all your life you have blended with the people, you did engineering from the college, everyone wants to study from, then you followed it up with an MBA, cause everyone was doing the same. All your actions lead to blend in the society, but on the contrary, the result you expect is to stand out”

The man wakes up to find that he was just dreaming, but he got one piece of advice if you want to stand out, you should put your best efforts into that.

Published by KUSHANK

I am a blogger and an author. I have written two books "Breaking Shackles" and "Bus Train and Flight"

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