A man, Raj, receives a phone call that his wife is kidnapped and he is required to kill someone if he wants her to live. Few seconds of this call changes everything he had planned for the future. He goes into the state of shock; he could not believe what had just happened to him. He gathers himself and tries calling his wife. She isn’t picking her phone. He dials at home but receives no reply from there as well. He keeps on thinking whom he has to kill, even the thought of murdering someone makes his heart race too fast. He gets pale and looks so sick that his office colleagues notice that he is worried about something. They ask him the matter, but he ignored them. He starts to run to his house when his boss stops him and asks “where are you going? If you miss this meeting consider yourself fired.” He ignored him too and continue to run.

He reaches his car, sits in it, and as he turns on the engine, his phone rings again. This time he is asked to search his car dashboard for the gun and he is ordered to kill the psychiatrist he is seeing. He replies “I have just been there once, and he won’t see me without an appointment. The caller says if you want to see your wife alive, you must do as I say. He drives his vehicle to the psychiatrist, enters his clinic, and spots no one at the reception. He thought this is his chance and he barge into the psychiatrist’s office. The doctor was surprised to see him, still, he asks what brings him there. Without the second thought, Raj pulls the gun and shoots the doctor. The blood splatters everywhere, seeing this Raj falls on the floor and starts to vomit. The doctor walks to him to pat his back and helps him stand up. Raj asks “what is all this why aren’t you dead.”

The psychiatrist asks him “Do you remember why have you visited me earlier.” “Yes,” Raj replies, “I told you that I consider myself a logical person, but in spite of having all wealth, health, and love, I don’t feel happy. I always thought I got these things too easily, there was no thrill in it.” “In the past hour, you have lost all three. But you had all the thrill you wanted, how does that make you feel now” asks the doctor. Raj understands that this was some kind of doctor’s experiment. Raj shouts “You should see some good psychiatrist, who runs some sick experiments.” Psychiatrist replies “there was no other way for you to appreciate the stability, which is the most undervalued asset of the life.”  Raj soon realizes that his wife and boss were also involved in this. He learns his lesson and thanks the doctor for that. He would not ask for any thrill again in life. 

Published by KUSHANK

I am a blogger and an author. I have written two books "Breaking Shackles" and "Bus Train and Flight"


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