A young boy storms into his house mumbling “I am so mad at him; Why God you make me so jealous.” Hearing this his grandfather asks him why he is mumbling in rage. The boy replies he is jealous of his friend, Jibran. Grandfather asks the boy why is he jealous, he replies “Jibran always comes first in the class and that makes me second, today I missed just by a single number.” Grandfather asks “but why are you jealous.” The boy replies “if he is not there, I would have been coming first.” Grandfather says “but is it the real reason to be jealous, you can’t be jealous of him coming first without knowing how much effort he has put, what sacrifices he has made. Besides jealousy doesn’t make everything right, you have to work on improving your score and one day you will definitely be first.”

The rage fades away, now he is just concentrating on the words of his grandfather, when he enquires again “am I doing a sin. Is being jealous a sin?” Grandfather’s chuckle says it all, but he tries putting it in the words “Jealousy is just an emotion, a feeling you don’t have much control over. It can’t be a sin. Everyone sometimes feels jealous of somebody, if it is not for marks, it could be for money, prestige, health, and whatnot. It is human to be jealous but what matters is what you do with it. To me sin is after being jealous not working to achieve it.” It confuses a boy whether jealousy is a sin or not, so he asks his grandfather to elaborate.

Grandfather says “It is pretty common to be jealous, it is normal that you are jealous of Jibran, just because he beats your score. But what you can do about your jealousy, first is think of the different factors responsible for you losing to him and be content with what you got. This will remove the burden of jealousy. Or you can choose to work on your skills, do the hard work, and improve your scores so much that he can’t beat you. Then you will not have the reason to be jealous. To me the sin is choosing the first-way and to be content with what you have.” He continues “In fact, you can say jealousy is a way to show you what you are lacking and how you can achieve that thing. So you are entitled to feel jealous, but you have to work for achieving it, if.”

“I knew there is catch in it” the boy exclaims. Grandfather smiles and says “yes there is, sometimes we feel jealous of things which are not good for us. Like for diabetic like me, I feel jealous of people eating sweets, but I can’t just compete them with eating more sweets, I blame myself for my condition, and instead of being jealous I try to work on my health and earn the sweet.” The boy gets the idea behind all the knowledge sharing and promises to study even more.

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I am a blogger and an author. I have written two books "Breaking Shackles" and "Bus Train and Flight"

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