Long Ago, when the entire world was filled up with an ocean, Vishnu was Sleeping on his bed of Throne. From his ear wax, twin demons named Madhu and Kaitabha were born. They fed on the sea water, and developed further.

The twins started to wonder, How were they created? Who were their parents? Why they have no information about any of these things?”. They started to wander around looking for answers.

While they were meandering, they heard the sound of Mantras (chants), coming from high above them. They started meditating for the sublime power above. They didn’t eat or drink, yet were continually reciting the Mantra that they had heard previously. Their retribution endured 1,000 years. Goddess Shakti showed up before them and said, “I am pleased with your devotion. What blessing do you require?”

The two demons at that point said, “Let us die only at a time of our choosing” Devi gave them the boon. Madhu and Kaitabha got arrogant with their recently developed power. While wandering, they saw Lord Brahma, who was taking care of his task of creation, sitting on a seat produced using a lotus.

When they saw him, the twins got desirous of his position. They said to him, either admit them as supreme being or face them in battle. Lord Brahma realized that he was match for these demons, who had been strengthened by a boon from Goddess. He reached Lord Vishnu and asked for his help. Lord Vishnu smiled and replied, “Leave your concern. Consider these demons as dead.”

The fight started. It was a close match to view. At the point when Madhu got worn out, Kaitabha would engage with Vishnu in fight. This extraordinary fight extended for a very long time. At this point Vishnu learned of the boon given by Goddess to them, and he called her for his help. Goddess showed up in the sky over the battlefield. Vishnu asked her to show a way to defeat these Demons, who were invincible because of the blessing.

Goddess asked Vishnu to fight and she would help to distract these demons. Consistent with her promise, she cast a look of attraction personified, the demons gazed towards her.

Vishnu saw that the concentration of his enemies was faltering, he loudly praised them and offered a boon to them. Arrogant demons trying to impress the Goddess said “We are winning this fight. It is for the victors to give a favour, ask anything, and it will be yours.”

This was the moment that Vishnu was waiting for. He said, “The boon that I look for is that both of you should die now at my hands.” The Demons realized that they had been deceived. In any case, there was not something to be done at this point. They had vowed to give a boon and were bound by their promise. And Lord Vishnu frees the world of the evil spirits.

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