Gautama Buddha used to go out with a begging bowl to gather a piece of nourishment for the afternoon. Whenever he passes in front of a house, the woman of the house would come out with some prepared food, and offer it Buddha. Buddha would accept it, thank the woman and leave for his place.

One day, Buddha was going through a town he had never been to. He knocked on the entryway of one of the houses. The woman of this house was a bitter individual. She was incensed to see a monk with a bowl standing at her doorstep.

She began abusing him. “Lubber! You just wish to eat food without working for it,” she yelled. Buddha remained calm without replying to her.

“You look adequately fit to work. Why don’t you work, you fool?” she continued.

The woman kept on abusing Buddha, calling him idiot or whatnot. Buddha stood hearing without responding, waiting for her to wrap up.

Finally, she stopped to pause and rest. At that point she said, “Why are you still standing here like an idol? Why not say something, monk?” she asked.

“Mother, a contribution has been made. In any case, on the off chance that it isn’t acknowledged, to whom does it have a place?” Buddha inquired.

“I offer you nothing, you sluggish monk,” said the lady anxiously.

“Mother, since the time I came to your house, you have been offering me whatever you have,” said Buddha delicately.

The woman was astute. She without a moment’s delay realized the Budhha was referring to the abuses she was piling on him.

The lady got the message. She realised her mistake. She headed inside and brought some food for him. Buddha expressed gratitude toward her and proceeded onward.

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