Another great king of the Ikshvaku clan is Sagara chakrvarthi who was the ancestor of Lord Rama and King Bhagiratha. It is also believed that the sea is called “Sagara” because of this renowned king! Sagara was the son of Bahuka of the Ikshvaku clan.

It was at that time when Bahuka didn’t have any heir from his twelve wives, he retired to the forest. He was followed by his enemies and killed there. His wife, who didn’t know that she was pregnant at that time, decided to commit sati. Sati practice means that widow must immolate herself alive on her husband’s funeral pyre, it was the custom during those days. But the sage Auruv persuaded her not to kill herself, informing her of her pregnant condition. Other wives of Bahuka grew jealous of her as the son born to her would be the heir to the kingdom. They decided to kill her along with the child and poisoned her. But by divine dispensation she did not die and the child survived. He was born wrapped with the poison. The child was named Sagara which means the one born with a layer of poison! (Sanskrit: ‘gara’ means poison)

Sagara grew up and came to the throne as expected. He ruled the country righteously and treated the subjects as his own children. His fame spread far and wide


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