It is a dark stormy night when some noises wake up a little girl from the sleep. She hears the voice is coming from the old cupboard kept in her room. She says “Go away, I am not afraid of you.” The voice replied, “You should be”. The girl says “I am not scared of any ghost.” The voice gets louder and angrier “I am no ghost, I am no monster, I am the head of all evil, I am the Devil.” The girl bravely walks to the cupboard to open the door, she sees another girl of her age and replies “you don’t look scary at all.” Devil tries to scare her but is unable to. He replies “it is not me but your own evils that haunt you, you have not done anything wrong. I can’t scare you.” Just before the devil plans to leave, they hear the footsteps. The devil sees that the girl’s face turns pale. She looks scared.

The girl says to the devil, “you hide, else he will beat you too.” She hides the devil in the cupboard and jumps to bed and covers herself with the bedsheet. A man arrives with a wooden bat in his hand and says “wake up kid, it’s time to play.” He moves toward the bed and hears the sounds from the cupboard, “you are hidden in the cupboard today, you will get beaten more for it.” the man says. He moves to the cupboard and pulls the girl out. He shockingly asks “who are you little girl, and where is my daughter.” Receiving no replies, he adds “if you don’t tell me I will play with you” and he raises the bat to hit her.

Little that the man knows, it is his biggest mistake. The devil turns from the little girl to the scary king of all monsters. Seeing the man afraid of him, devil jokes “you are scared as hell, looks like you have seen the Lucifer.” The man tries to run away, but the devil picks him up by his neck and says “you have done ample evil, now it’s time for me to kill.” The man apologizes with his dying breath, but the devil is unmoved in his decision. The little girl interferes and says “please don’t kill him, he is my dad.” The devil leaves him and says “no problem sweetheart, I will have eternity to punish him. After all, he will be visiting my hell soon.”

Devil then turns to the man and says “your girl has saved you today, but if you ever abuse her again, I will personally escort you to the hell.” The scared man running out from the room apologizes to the devil and his girl and promises to be a good man. The devil hugs the girl, and with the wet eyes says, “now he will not pain you anymore. It looks like my work here is done. I should go.” The girl hugs him tightly and says, “Thank you for everything. But will you really punish my dad in hell.” “Not me but his deeds will haunt him. Only time will tell, whether he can evade the hell or not.” saying this the Devil vanishes in the dark.

Published by KUSHANK

I am a blogger and an author. I have written two books "Breaking Shackles" and "Bus Train and Flight"

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