Few thousand years have passed by when human-like beings can live beneath the water. They are classified as Finman. One Finman, named Dolphin is teaching anthropology to another Finman, named Whaley. Dolphin says “do you know Homosapiens (Humans) are our ancestors.” Hearing this Whaley gets angry and taunted him “Humans may be your ancestors, not mine. Even monkeys sound better ancestors than Humans.” Dolphin says “I understand your point of you, but it is the harsh truth, my friend.” Whaley confusingly says, “How can be Humans our ancestors? It is their pride and greed, which destroyed this earth, earlier there used to be a land, now only water remains.” Hearing this Dolphin smiled and says, everything happens for good, “If it was not for those misdeeds of humans, they would still be surviving on this earth and no Finman would have existed.

Whaley is impressed to hear Dolphin’s reasoning and can’t disagree with him on this. She asks Dolphin “Could you tell me, how humans existence ended on this earth.” Dolphin gives a single reason “Global Warming coupled with albedo effect.” Whaley jokes “You sound like English but the words coming out of your mouth are all alien to me.” Dolphin laughs and explains further “The albedo is the reflective index of each object, the more it is, higher is the reflection. So when the earth is covered by a good layer of ice, it has high albedo, and sun rays were reflected and the temperature of the earth remains livable. But with global warming, ice starts melting and it reduces the albedo of the surface, which increases the sun rays’ absorption and increases the temperature, which further melts the ice and increases the temperature more. So this vicious cycle, heated the whole earth and all the ice gets melted, and temperature variations made life impossible to live on the land, further with melting ice sea level reaches even the highest mountains and only species which adapted to live underwater survived and rest all get vanished.

Whaley says “now I feel sad for humans, everyone blamed their greed and pride for destroying the earth, but they have paid more than enough with the extinction of their species.” Dolphin consoles her by saying “Don’t be too sad, humans saw it coming, they had all the indications that this is going to happen. But they didn’t cut back on their greed and sucked the planet like monsters, further they were too proud to accept their demise. So they had it coming. And when nature stroke back they just succumbed to their fate.” 

Whaley concluded the conversation with the remark that at least they learn one thing from human that if you don’t take care of your surroundings, your surroundings will also not take care of you.

Published by KUSHANK

I am a blogger and an author. I have written two books "Breaking Shackles" and "Bus Train and Flight"

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