Apology Accepted

Amidst the corona scare, a religious a young boy is praying to God, he says “Oh God I am very sorry.” He apologized for a few times, to hear a voice “but, what for my kid. You haven’t done anything wrong.” The boy says “God, I know you are angry with us.” Sarcastically God replies “Am I, last time I checked I have not heard of it.” The boy seriously repeated himself “I know you are angry; why else would you create a virus to lock down the whole world. In fact, I learned that the gates of all religious institutions are also closed to humans. If that’s not anger, I don’t know what is.
God says “I believe I have to accept that I am angry then, otherwise you might get angry on me.” “No God, I cannot be angry on you” the boy replies. “I am just sorry if I have ever angered you.” the small boy adds. “Apology Accepted,” God says. The boy is very happy to hear that and then asks God “will you now treat my parents, who are down with coronavirus.” God replies “I have created doctors to take care of your parents, I believe they are doing their jobs just fine. Let us hope that your parents recover soon.”
The boy thanks God and asks again “Now will you please get the world rid of this dangerous virus.”
God: Why would you say so kid. Why do you want me to destroy the virus?”Boy: It is hurting the humans; this virus is bad. You should destroy it.God: But what makes you think that this virus is less favorable to me compared to human. Both the beings are my creation.Boy: But we Humans pray to you?God: That’s for your liking, you suit it to your schedule. I have never asked you to pray. Further each and every being pay their allegiance to me in their respective way.Boy: But we are the most advance being on this planet.God: The advancement was on the back of cruelty to other beings, with the advent of Human many beings, many of my creations have vanished. They also prayed to me to destroy the humans but then I didn’t nor will I ever destroy other beings for Humans.Boy: You will not do anything to help the humans.God: You apologized for all the cruelty of Humans. And I accepted the apology. If coronavirus apologizes to me for killing the humans, I would again say apology accepted.
The boy is left in a state of despair, but soon he hears the good news that both his parents are healed and returns to their home.

Published by KUSHANK

I am a blogger and an author. I have written two books "Breaking Shackles" and "Bus Train and Flight"

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