Never imagined that a human could be caged in his comfortable home,All meetings, all parties, and all the trip of market are gone,Call it a disease, a virus or by any other name known.Truth is everyone want this isolation, quarantine to be done. With stillness of mind, and emptiness of thought,Though through a disease, itContinue reading “INVISIBLE DEVIL”


Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings: it takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquility. – William Wordsworth Happy world poetry day to all, today I will be sharing few poems, both old and new. Let’s start the day with this one called “World Won’t Bother.” You can live one way or dieContinue reading “WORLD WON’T BOTHER”


The pain stayed in my body rent free,The hurt bound my soul in the chain,Wetness in my eyes desired the day without pain The suffering broke my will to live,Not just physical I felt mental strain,Couldn’t wait for the day without pain. The life wanted me to scream, but I laughed,It made me go mad,Continue reading “THE DAY WITHOUT PAIN”