One morning Eshan got a call from his old companion Sameer. Sameer asked him of his well-being and his plans of the night. Eshan asked the reason, to which Sameer told him, he and other friends are visiting the town for the day. Eshan was glad to hear that and said, “why not all of you come to my home for gathering party. It’s long term since we all have met.” Sameer said “truly miss those brilliant days. You really don’t mind the gathering at your place?” Eshan said “why would you ask that, I would love it.” Sameer said “then I will inform others and will meet you at eight. If you need any assistance, don’t hesitate to tell me.” Eshan requested him for one thing, he should ensure that everybody comes. They hung up.

Around six that night, when the doorbell rang, Eshan was caught up with preparing things for the night’s gathering. Pondering who had turned up so early, he grumpily went to the entryway. It was Nathan. “I’m here to help you,” Nathan said cheerfully. “I wonder how can you do everything without any help.” Holding forward a solitary rose that had a long, thin tail, he bowed significantly. “Congrats. For the time being, you could stop being envious,” he jeered. Eshan realized that the vehement ‘without any help’ was not really purposeful, yet it troubled him. Eshan asked Nathan what had happened, to which Nathan begin crying, “I lost everything, because of recession, I am kicked out of my work, it was my fantasy work.” Eshan sympathetically says “Good gracious, how might they do that, yet it is their misfortune. You will before long get a better job.” Nathan yells “it was not the work I am stressed over, Sheena left me as well, now you can be happy.”

Eshan guiltlessly asks “for what reason do you think I be happy about it.” Nathan answers “You generally scored highest in the school just as in college, so when I got a better job and a caring sweetheart, you were envious of me, I could see it in your eyes. Yet, presently you are again better compared to me, we both are single and you are the just one with the work. So, I figure, presently you won’t be envious any longer. Congrats you won once more.” Eshan attempted to support Nathan, and advise him that he was really glad for him, yet it was of no use. Eshan ask him if he might want some water or tea, Nathan refused. Eshan additionally offered to cancel the gathering on the off chance that he needs that, however Nathan grinned and said “No, let me assist you with the gathering. Also, kindly don’t inform anybody concerning this till the party is over, I would prefer not to be a spoiler. Today we will appreciate without limit, after all it is our first get-together subsequent to leaving college.” “Are you certain, you will be alright.” Eshan asked, Nathan answered with both the bangs up and an enormous grin.

Eshan realized it would be truly hard for Nathan, he needed to successfully help him. He thought busying Nathan with party arrangement could take mind off from these things. He requested that Nathan bring Party poppers and inflatables, while he was preparing the table and making suppers. Nathan went to the closest market to look for decorating items. Meanwhile, Eshan couldn’t prevent himself from calling Sheena, he knew she was not the individual to leave Nathan when he requires her the most. Eshan asked Sheena for the reason, just to found out that she even knew nothing about Nathan getting terminated. Sheena clarified that Nathan was feeling uncertain constantly, he didn’t trust her, she believed she was the one putting all the efforts in the relationship. Eshan helped her and requested her to think for their future with cool brain, he says “you guys make an ideal couple and misunderstanding is a part of relationship. That doesn’t mean you will end it, you know Nathan, he doesn’t generally mean what he says, and he truly cherishes you. Consider the big picture and will see you in the gathering.

Nathan got back to the Eshan’s with bunches of embellishing material and much more liquor. He poured bourbon in a glass and began drinking. Eshan was extremely astonished to see that, and asked “you have finished college without a taste of liquor, why start now?” Nathan answered “I want to forget everything and simply appreciate the party.” Nathan swallowed down another peg. Eshan asks Nathan’s assistance in decorating, the two of them enlivened the entire house, and Nathan got back to drinking. Realizing he can’t prevent Nathan from drinking, Eshan says “It’s nearly time, everybody will be coming any moment, I should tidy up and kindly don’t drink excessively.” Eshan got back to see Nathan had just lost his conscious and he was lying on the couch snoozing. While Eshan was figuring what should he do with Nathan, the doorbell rang.

Eshan opened the door to find everyone is standing there. Eshan exclaimed “It is great to see you all together, are you coming in or should I welcome you just for that.” Radhika gave the wine to the host, Eshan said “it was not required, Nathan has already dealt with the liquor.” Rajesh said “Gracious, truly! Teetotaller carrying alcohol to party is new.” Eshan requested that they come and see with their own eyes. Rajesh saw Nathan all boozed and said “See, I told to you all Nathan and Sheena would be partying here, no need to sit tight for them. Where is Sheena.” Eshan answered “she had not come till now, she will be coming anytime now. So, what’s going on with you folks.” Everyone began with his/her biography, how much it has changed in just one year. Everybody was awed with others life, they felt so much mature. Nathan was half awake, simply lying there not even attempting to mix in.

Doorbell rang once more, “It should be Sheena, I will get the door.” Radhika shouts. She makes the way for Sheena, she was looking wonderful as could be. Sheena, have consistently despised lushes, seeing Nathan like that disgusted her. Seeing her Nathan limped towards her and tried kissing her. She pushed him away. He fell on the floor. Eshan ran towards him and carried him to the master bedroom. Eshan got back to the gathering and said “Don’t stress, he is alright. He probably won’t get up till morning.” Sheena felt heartbroken and humiliated for this, Eshan detected it and comforted her “It was not your fault, Nathan is experiencing a tough situation, I am certain he will forget everything by tomorrow.” These words assuaged her a bit, and the smile returned all over.

All the friends talked for quite a long time, Eshan tried to serve them food, however they were full with the recollections, nobody even touched the dishes. The nostalgia could be felt, everybody was feeling passionate. Rajesh like normally took a stab at telling wisecracks, to which Aastha kidded “we as a whole improved, however your jokes stayed faltering of course.” Sameer interrupted “Sorry guys, it is already past midnight and I have a morning flight to catch, I shall bid adieu.” Aastha said “OMG! Bid Adieu, you truly have become so sophisticated. Be that as it may, I concur it is actually very late and we should leave now.” All four, Radhika Rajesh, Sameer and Aastha, prepared to leave when Radhika asked Sheena “Should we leave you anyplace.” Sheena answered “No, I brought my own vehicle, I will help Eshan in cleaning and leave afterward, you all have safe journey.”

They left and Sheena and Eshan began cleaning the house, while Sheena grumbled about Nathan. Eshan comprehended that she needed somebody to simply converse with, and he offered his ears. In the wake of whining she understood that she truly adored Nathan and it is just if he had listened her little more, everything would have been fine. Eshan advised her to think of the positives Nathan had, all the good moments they spent together, it would definitely outweigh the harsh period they are going through. Sheena concurred with Eshan and said “I would give our relationship one more possibility and much obliged.” She hugged him and left for her home. Eshan was left alone with Nathan, lying in the following room.

Following day Nathan was reviewed at his particular employment; his termination was dropped. Sheena also called him and addressed all the misunderstandings. They began their relationship once more, Nathan couldn’t believe that his fortune has taken a U-turn. Yet, he began living joyfully. Following a couple of days Sheena and Nathan were preparing a supper together, when the doorbell rang. Sheena said “who could be at this hour, let me check.” She opened the door to find that Police was searching for Nathan. She got some information about the matter, to which inspector answered “Nathan has killed Eshan, we have come to capture him.” Sheena couldn’t really accept that what she was hearing. This news flipped her world. Before she could come out of shock, Police arrested Nathan and they were taking him away. Sheena said “No Nathan can’t do something like this, it is unimaginable.” Police inspector said “His total wrongdoing is recorded in the CCTV cameras, he was keen to conceal the body and the weapon, yet bonehead enough to overlook the cameras.

Sheena went to Nathan and asked “Did you do it.” Nathan yelled “Yes I did it, he was the reason my life was turning heck, with him alive I have lost my employment and you, yet soon after his passing I got them back.” Sheena said “He is the reason you landed your position back, and I am with you. Your company was trying to hire him from long, but he was refusing. He called them and agreed to work on condition that they cancel your resignation. And he is the one who asked me to give you one more chance.”  

Nathan said “You would most likely take his stance; I realized you were having illicit relationship with him. That day when in morning I read your message, ‘Eshan, I could always remember the night I went through with you. You even heard my quietness, wish Nathan resembled you.’ I lost my temper and I slaughtered him. I tossed his body in the landfill and shrouded the blade in the store.” Sheena snatched the neckline of Nathan and yelled “Eshan is” with broken voice she added “was a brother to me, your envy not simply slaughtered him. Now you too are dead to me.” Police removed Nathan, his case ran for quite a long time, but he couldn’t adapt to the jail life and committed suicide. Or maybe it was his guilt that took his life.

(Apology for regular readers as this story was four times of what I usually intend to write ( 500 Words), but I really hope you enjoyed it.)

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